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How to start a writers' group

22 February




1 hour

Unless you are writing simply for your own pleasure, readers are an important part of being a writer. While sharing your writing is a daunting prospect, getting feedback on your writing is necessary in order to understand how readers might experience your piece. A writers' critique group is a great resource, and not only for feedback, but also for support and encouragement.

In this session Colette Victor and Katja Knezevic will guide writers on how to start their own writers group, drawing from their own experiences with various groups. How do you find writer’s to join your group? How big should the group be? How often should you meet and what should the rules be? Of course the key is to find a formula that works for you, but there are some tried and tested formats. We might also be able to offer that a member of the Wordcraft Collective joins your group for the first session, to guide you through it.

Date and time: 22 February, 19:00

Location: Hôtel L'Espérance, Rue du Finistère 1, 1000 Brussels

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