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The power of personal story: Unlock your inner storyteller





4 weeks

Max. 8 participants

Date tbc. Email us on if you're interested and we'll be in touch as soon as the dates have been finalized.

People continue to be inexplicably drawn to creative storytelling in any language, anywhere in the world.


Personal stories are powerful. They are developed through a mix of life experiences and character and they create the lens through which we see the world. Our personal stories tell us what we can and cannot do. They represent our hopes and dreams. Listening to real stories can broaden our perspective and help us realise what we have in common.

In a series of 4 workshops, participants learn the ingredients of a strong personal story and get the basic tools to sharpen their story to present to others. The workshop series, tutored by Colette Victor, is followed by a story evening where everyone gets up to tell their story in front of a (small) audience. 

The course aims to:

  • Create a supportive space where people can listen and be heard.

  • Provide tools for effective storytelling, including (basic) story art and tools to facilitate performance.

  • Develop critical speaking, listening and storytelling skills.


Story Evening: A community-focused, open-mic storytelling evening where anyone can share a 5-minute story on the theme of the night before an audience.

Maximum 8 participants

Colette Victor

Colette Victor is an award-winning author whose works include Head Over Heart (Chicken House, 2013) and What to do with Lobsters in a place like Klippiesfontein (Cargo Publishing, 2015). In 2018, Colette won the BBC World Service & British Council International Radio Playwriting Competition for her radio play, By God’s Mercy. She was an Imison Award 2020 shortlistee for best original script by a writer new to radio for the same play. She earned her MA degree in Creative Writing from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2019. She’s an experienced writer of many years and a trained creative writing teacher. Colette has extensive experience in coaching new writers, teaching workshops, organising writers’ retreats and giving constructive criticism.

Colette Victor
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