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Write what you know

Spring 2024




5 weeks

Coming Spring 2024. Email us on if you're interested and we'll be in touch as soon as the dates have been finalized.

Put simply, life experience, combined with a desire to write, qualifies you to tell your own story. Our experiences shape us and inform our world view, and nobody navigates life without struggle. Our personal circumstances, our observations of the world, and our personalities make us all unique individuals, and therefore the narratives of our lives are just as unique. Memoir & Life Writing is an introduction to the power of words to translate your experience to something that other people can learn and grow from. This 5-part course is tutored by Colette Victor.


The course covers topics including:

  • Using life experiences in your writing

  • Creating vivid imagery

  • Using memories to structure narrative

  • Turning the everyday into the memorable

  • Elements of strong prose such as sensory writing, dialogue, characterisation etc…


By the end of the course, you’ll be able to craft engaging narratives capable of transporting your readers to another time, place, or situation—using the power of what you observe every day.


Planned for the spring of 2024

Colette Victor

Colette Victor is an award-winning author whose works include Head Over Heart (Chicken House, 2013) and What to do with Lobsters in a place like Klippiesfontein (Cargo Publishing, 2015). In 2018, Colette won the BBC World Service & British Council International Radio Playwriting Competition for her radio play, By God’s Mercy. She was an Imison Award 2020 shortlistee for best original script by a writer new to radio for the same play. She earned her MA degree in Creative Writing from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2019. She’s an experienced writer of many years and a trained creative writing teacher. Colette has extensive experience in coaching new writers, teaching workshops, organising writers’ retreats and giving constructive criticism.

Colette Victor
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